Custom handmade hats

Every Cutter Paul hat is made by hand using timeless hatmaking equipment, driven by a passion for an undying craft.

G r a t i t u d e / B a l a n c e / U n i t y

the Art of Making

every part of the process from blocking, ironing, sanding, cutting, sewing, and shaping is done by hand.


every cutter paul hat is a one of a kind Heirloom Quality piece with designed with intention and soul.

Crown Open / Color Bone
Crown Teardrop / Color Ash Grey
Crown Lloyd / Color Teal
Crown Gustavo / Color Natural
Crown Teardrop / Bone

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Life is a gift

I believe in chasing your dreams even if it goes against social norm. I believe in handmade over mass production. I believe when you lead a life with passion and really love what you do, a piece of you carries into that and is passed on to the person who acquires it.


Kyle Cutter Nickerson


Living proof of a dying breed

The story continues